Why Only Guys Ask Girls Out?

Yea, yesterday I asked a guy out and he refused me. I felt a bit depressed and I vented it out with my friend. He told me: “Dude, you are so stupid. First of all, you shouldn’t be THE ONE to ask him out. Secondly, you SHOULDNT be the one to ask him out.” I looked at my friend, who’s a well brought up European boy with a great sense of gentleman. At one moment, I thought he was right, but when I really think into it, I suddenly realized, he is so wrong. The worse thing is, most of the girls will think he is right.


Why should guys ask girls out ONLY? Why guys can choose all the girls in the world to be their targets but we can just narrow them down to the ones who already pick us? Why girls can just be the group of passivity but nothing else? Why this world works so unbalanced in terms of genders?


I am very sick of it. I am a woman and I have the right to chase whatever I want in whatever way I could. I don’t need a guy to open the door for me because my arms are stronger enough to handle that PUSH or PULL. I don’t need a guy to pay for my first date bill because I earn sufficient amount of money to treat myself a medium steak and a glass of wine.  I don’t need a guy to always buy condoms for sex because I care the same as he cares about pregnancy and STD. I also don’t need a guy to pretend to be interested and give me a vague answer because I have a heart as big and a mind as open as a guy does to take the truth.


Trust me, when you are giving out your signs and expecting the guy from the bar to talk to you first, WOMAN, you are being sexist yourself. We are treated so differently through out the history from men so we take things for granted without even think about it. Women should take the same responsibility in terms of their status in society as men. We aren’t even brave enough to walk up the first step for love. This is pathetic. I feel sincerely sorry for the girls who missed their potential soul mates just because they think a person with a vagina should sit and wait all the time for the person with a penis. I refuse to grow this habit into my life. I ASK GUYS I LIKE FOR DATES.

"Unintended, starting to like you. Just like the toothpaste that I take in while brushing my teeth. Every morning and night. Pile up. To be my love. 不经意喜欢上你,不经意就像刷牙时吞下去的牙膏,每天早晚,堆积起来,变成一桩深情。"